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Hi. I'm Jen.

You guys!! I am SO stoked for your shoot.

Ok I'll slow down though. Hi, I'm Jen. I'm a wedding and family photographer and I live in Ucluelet BC which, as you know, is on the west coast of Vancouver Island, just south of Tofino. I've been shooting weddings, elopements, couples, and families for just about ten years. My love of photography goes way, way back to childhood, and eventually I took photography (film photography - oh yes!) in college as an elective, and then years later, with a lot of love and support from my family, I made it into a full time gig. I'm super passionate about capturing real moments and emotions, and creating freaking gorgeous memories for my couples and families.

I'm from Alberta, but in 2017 my family and I (I have a husband and two kids) made a big life-changing move to Vancouver Island. I'm still pinching myself - when I was growing up, my family would drive out to Tofino every summer. I remember digging my toes into the sand and imagining that ONE DAY I could live here. In 2012, I took my husband to Tofino for the first time for our wedding. Obviously, he fell in love with it too, and after a lot of dreaming and planning, we were able to make the move. It's been a wild ride. I just LOVE this place.

To me, a photo shoot is all about creating memories and showing that connection and that bond between you. I believe this is a WILDLY great place to get married, and the perfect spot for a vacation. Sometimes people arrive on the west coast and their breath is taken away - it's hard to believe a place like this exists in Canada. But here it is. I love bringing my couples and families to one or two of my favourite places and showing them around - those moments of adventure and discovery are what make photo shoots out here so special.

I would love to chat with you about booking your magic shoot. Let's connect.

xo Jen     [ ]

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