Spirit of Ukee | Justin & Robin’s surprise elopement

Spirit of Ukee | Justin & Robin’s surprise elopement

“We should just get married while we’re here.”

How many times have I heard that? A few – more than a few, even, and I’ve only been living here since October. The first time you come to the west coast, glance the power of the Pacific and the raw Canadian beauty, it moves you. Bury your heart in the sand, leave a pieces of yourself behind.

Take home something really special – a marriage certificate.

Robin and Justin had been engaged for 3 years when they visited the Pacific Rim for the first time in March. I found out about the wedding on Facebook, where they invited anyone and everyone to come witness their nuptials at Amphitrite Lighthouse Point, as they had made a very last-minute decision to make things official in this beautiful place. It was a breezy, sunny, beautiful day, and so special to be a part of.

I don’t usually bring my 4-year-old son to weddings, but the spontaneity of the day meant he was coming along. Can you spot him?

xo Jen

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