February sunshine | Ucluelet elopement

February sunshine | Ucluelet elopement

There were a few comments that I was more excited about this wedding than the bride was (she was pretty excited though I think). You know what? I was completely thrilled about shooting this little elopement for Christina and Larry. Since moving out to Vancouver Island late last year, I’ve been counting down the days to my first west coast wedding. Excited was an understatement.

The Island is known for rainy days and gloomy weather, but honestly, the weather is mainly just unpredictable. For 8 years in the photography industry, my weather app was my main guide book. But here, it’s more useful to be adaptable to every sort of weather, and not worry so much about the forecast. On the 19th of February, it was sunny. SO sunny. Whispy clouds grazed the horizon, but it was a bright, cool day.

When it comes to beauty, Ucluelet never fails to deliver.

I’m proud to present my first West Coast wedding to you.
Venue: the beautifulĀ Black Rock Oceanfront Resort
Flowers & make-up by the lovely and talented Allison atĀ Compass Wedding Cafe
An amazing matching ring set by Nik at MNDFL Rings Tofino

And I took photos. Enjoy.
xo Jen

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